20 Popular Twitter Accounts in the Cannabis Industry

Social media seems to be the center of the world these days. It is how many people share their opinions, viewpoints, and passions with the world. Social media is also heavily utilized by businesses in many different industries today. The ever growing cannabis industry is no exception to this trend. There are thousands of Twitter accounts linked to businesses and individuals in the cannabis industry and culture. Let’s take a look at 20 of the top cannabis related Twitter accounts that are active today.

@SnoopDogg 17 Million Followers- Snoop Dogg is a cannabis consumer, activist, and business owner known to be very open about his marijuana usage and often tweets entertaining and informative information surrounding the culture.

@HIGH_TIMES_Mag 676K Followers – High Times Magazine is one of the biggest names in marijuana media. High Times regularly tweets articles from their publication as well as information from other sources.

@THEMMExchange 414K Followers- The Medical Marijuana Exchange tweets informative posts surrounding the cannabis culture and industry, all day every day!

@TommyChong 407K Followers – When you think cannabis you probably think Cheech and Chong so it only makes sense that Tommy Chong himself has one of the most popular cannabis centric Twitter profiles active today.

@norml 257K Followers – The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws is one of the most well-known organization fighting to end prohibition. Follow NORML for educational and up to date information surrounding the movement.

@CannabisCulture 227K Followers – Cannabis Culture magazine based out of Canada has been a big name in the cannabis culture for decades. They regularly tweet information surrounding the cannabis culture in Canada and around the world.

@MassRoots 194K Followers- MassRoots is a cannabis centric social media platform where users can connect and share marijuana related posts without fear. MassRoots regularly tweets beautiful pictures of marijuana and concentrates as well as information pertaining to the cannabis community and industry.

@MarijuanaPolicy 163K Followers- The Marijuana Policy Project is the organization behind many of the successful marijuana markets currently operating in the United States. Follow the MPP for up to date information surrounding the cannabis industry and movement to further legalization across the US.

@IAmSoBaked 163K Followers- Stay Blazin aka THCVibes420 is a Twitter account bringing you entertaining videos, pictures, and more all surrounding the herb we love!

@JoinGreenRush 104KK Followers- Shop local cannabis online. Apply for your medical marijuana card in minutes and enjoy.

@weedmaps 86.6K Followers – Weedmaps is a platform to help consumers located providers in the industry. Check out their Twitter feed for informative and entertaining tweets!

@Leafly 70K Followers – Leafly has quickly become the go to source when it comes to information pertaining to specific cannabis products. They regularly tweet strain related information, and other educational posts.

@Cannabist 32K Followers- Informs and connects the world of medical cannabis.

@HempLifeGlobal 61K Followers- The Cannabist is a big name in cannabis media that often tweets about the industry and culture while educating the masses.

@JodieEmery 41K Followers- Jodie Emery is a well-known cannabis activist in Canada and her Twitter feed will keep you up to date on everything you need to know about the cannabis industry and culture in Canada.

@RadicalRuss 21.5K Followers- Russ Bellville hosts a daily podcast where he educates the world to the truths of cannabis and the current happenings in the movement. Check out his Twitter feed to be enlightened!

@womengrow 24K Followers- Women Grow is a collective of industry professionals, mainly women, that tweet information you need to know about this ever growing industry and culture.

@JointheMajority 17.6K Followers Marijuana Majority represents the majority of the country and world that wishes for the prohibition to be ended once and for all. Their Twitter feed is packed full of grassroots event information, education surrounding marijuana laws, and more.

@greenflwrmedia 29K Followers- Green Flower Media is looking to remove the stigma associated with cannabis and they are helping to do so through sharing informative, up to date and factual tweets with the world.

@whaxyapp 11K Followers- Whaxy connects you with cannabis! Check out their Twitter feed for recipes, dispensary and product reviews, informative articles, entertainment and more!

As you can see there are many popular names in this list as well as some that you may not have heard of unless you are emerged in the industry. Whether you are a business owner in the cannabis industry, a medical marijuana patient or a recreational/retail consumer of cannabis you should check out these Twitter accounts today.

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  • You forgot mine… with 100,000 followers, I’m a neuroscientist (actually the first female scientist to star on a reality tv show anywhere in the globe), author & founder of a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to cannabis research. You can follow me at @drmicheleross.

  • Not yet a prominent twitter handle yet, however, @armelconsult (Free The Herb) strives to provide therapeutic cannabis information/education to the general public. I am an occupational therapist (OT) working in the state of Washington and I would like to learn about cannabis with you . As an OT I work with people to maximize participation in the activities and occupations that are important to them. I have developed strong interest in incorporating the knowledge and skills that I have acquired as an occupational therapist to provide another pillar of support in the cannabis community. I have significant interest in the therapeutic/recreational use of cannabis and I am willing to do thorough research to support/provide information about it to the general public. Through my profession as an OT and with my background in exercise science I feel that I have developed a unique perspective of cannabis that will allow me to produce meaningful content. If I can help you in any way please let me know. Thanks. (@armelconsult)

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