NASCAR Driver Removed Cannabis Logo Day of Race

NASCAR discriminates against cannabis, but not alcohol or energy drinks.

Carol Long is a NASCAR driver. VeedVerks is a Colorado hemp based vape company that agreed to become one of Carol Long’s sponsors in the Kansas Speedway. Carol Long has no problem with what type of sponsor he was getting. To him, any sponsor is appreciated.

The VeedVerks logo on Carol’s car had a green background with the VeedVerks company logo and website domain. There were no images of marijuana leaves, nudity, offensive language or gestures.

However, on the day of the race, a spokesperson from NASCAR demanded that Carol Long take off the logo from VeedVerks. Apparently, all cannabis related products are banned at NASCAR events. The reason for the ban? Cannabis companies do not comply with NASCAR standards. But the question remains, what are NASCAR’s standards exactly?

NASCAR supports other substances that cause more harm to individuals.

Many people are outraged by the request made to Carol to remove the VeedVerks logo. People are upset because the standards of NASCAR are supposed to uphold the rights of the people and not corporations. According to Miggy420, “People smoking cannabis is just as American as the illegal moonshiners that inspired the origins of NASCAR. As American as their sponsors Budweiser and Coors Light.”

Miggy420 argues that the monster drink companies along with alcohol companies cause more damage to Americans than marijuana does. Currently, there are no reported deaths as a direct result from the use marijuana. But the same cannot be said about energy drinks and alcohol.

Alcohol and energy drink statistics are shocking.

In a 2004 survey, 34 deaths have been linked to energy drinks. But in 2012, the FDA announced 40 illnesses and 5 deaths caused by Monster Energy drink. 13 illnesses and two permanent disabilities were caused by drinking Rockstar Energy. But they aren’t the only ones with issues.

The FDA’s latest report quantifies the consequences of consuming 5-Hour Energy, Monster and Rockstar. The consequences for drinking 5-Hour Energy are: deaths from heart attacks, miscarriage, convulsions, life-threatening fear, deafness and hemorrhages. For drinking Monsters the side effects are: hospitalizations from irregular heartbeats, severe diarrhea, psychotic disorders and heart attacks to name a few. The consequences for drinking Rockstar are basically the same: irregular heartbeats, psychotic disorders and unconsciousness.

Alcohol fairs no better for public health. There are approximately 88,000 deaths in America associated with alcohol. In 2015, it was reported that 15.1 million adults ages 18 years and older suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD). And over half a million minors suffer from AUD. Also, more than 10 percent of U.S. children live with parents who struggle with alcohol abuse. According to Miggy420, the continuous war on weed is an unnecessary battle that is only encouraging an ignorant opinion about cannabis and furthering the use of other dangerous substances.

Carol Long takes blame and makes a public Facebook apology.

Carol Long made a public statement on Facebook by saying that it was his fault for not giving NASCAR enough information to properly research VeedVerks. Miggy420 does not buy into Carol’s statement. He says that Carol should have never been asked to remove the logo because NASCAR needs to stop hiding behind corporate America and stand up for what is right for the American people.



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