Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses Scored and Awarded

Hawaii Sen. Rosalyn Baker, from left, and Rep. Della Au Belatti join Hawaii Department of Health Director Virginia Pressler to announce the selection of businesses to open Hawaii’s first medical marijuana dispensaries at the Hawaii Department of Health offices on Friday, April 29, 2016 in Honolulu

66 applications have been received by the Hawaii State Dept. of Health from applicants looking to acquire a Medical Marijuana Dispensary License. However, there are only eight licenses available. For applications to be reviewed by the Hawaii State Dept. of Health, those filing the applications were required to provide documentation that proves they are in complete compliance with all administrative and statutory requirements. This requirement applied to individual applicants as well as business entities applying for licenses. The 66 applications that were received have been reviewed, evaluated and scored by a 4-member selection panel according to a report released on Friday by the DOH.

Each applicant was scored based on 13 merit criteria. Each criterion could yield 40 points total, ten from each panel member. The maximum score that could be received was 520 points. Of the 66 applications scored, none of them received a perfect 520, and only one exceeded a score of 500 which was Maui Wellness Group, LLC, who scored a 510.  The eight Medical Marijuana Dispensary licenses have been awarded to the following 8 entities based on the reviews and scores provided by the selection panel members.

  1. Aloha Green Holdings Inc.
  2. Manoa Botanicals LLC
  3. TCG Retro Market 1, LLC dba Cure Oahu
  4. Hawaiian Ethos LLC
  5. Lau Ola LLC
  6. Maui Wellness Group, LLC
  7. Pono Life Sciences Maui, LLC
  8. Green Aloha, Ltd.

You can review a complete list of all entities that submitted an application and that were reviewed by the selection panel here.  The licensees have been working directly with the Hawaii Dept. of Health to ensure that they remain in compliance with all regulations and can open the doors to their dispensaries as soon as possible and begin to provide the much needed medicine to medical marijuana patients in the state.

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