Getting High with Action Bronson and Friends

Queens-based rapper Action Bronson has his own show on Viceland where he watches Ancient Aliens with friends while extremely stoned. With the number of Americans using marijuana at an all time high, it’s about time stoners got some 420 friendly entertainment. Catch Action Bronson and his celebrity guests exchange theories on Ancient Aliens and the origins of our species every Thursday at 11PM EST.

We’ll go over why this is the perfect show to watch while stoned. Even if you don’t know who Action Bronson is you’ll probably still get a kick out of watching a room full of super high celebs talking about Ancient Aliens. Get stoned before or while tuning in. This show will really get you thinking.

Most Guests on the Show are High!

The main group of Ancient Alien watchers is Action Bronson, Big Body Bes, The Alchemist, and Knxwledge. These guests are usually seen smoking throughout the entire episode. Most of the celebrity guests get high with the gang with the exception of Tyler, the Creator who is naturally high all of the time and doesn’t need weed.

Action Bronson watches Ancient Aliens with fellow rappers Earl Sweatshirt and Riff Raff, who both get baked. He also smokes with singer, Melissa Etheridge and makes a song with her while they’re stoned. Bronson also entertains guest actors Simon Rex and the permanently tanned Peter Dante. If you watch the 7th episode of season 1 you’ll find out what we’ve all been wondering: if Peter Dante was born tan.

The gang theorizes about the connections found between the structures of several ancient civilizations. You’re given the Ancient Aliens side which is usually what Ancient Aliens Astronaut Theorists believe. Then you’ll get some skepticism from Big Body Bes or The Alchemist. Action tries to keep everyone’s minds open to all possibilities and if you’re lucky you get two words of wisdom an episode from Knxwledge.


Every episode features some gourmet catering from different eateries in Los Angeles. After taking several dabs Action Bronson summons the food. One episode, all guests were fed Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. Another time they had several varieties of Vegan Ramen.

Dab Rigs

Action Bronson can be seen hitting a new dab rig almost every episode. During the Dinosaurs episode he had a table full of dino-themed bongs made by Elbo Glass. He’s also been seen hitting pieces made by legends like Joe P and even a Mothership Elite. Bronson’s got multiple pieces in his collection that value over $10,000 USD.

Action is usually peer pressuring one of his friends or guests to hit his dab rig. By the end of the season most guests appear to have a phobia of dabbing. You’ll be surprised to see which guest was clearly a seasoned dabber. Simon Rex ended up being scarred from his first dab with Action Bronson.


You’ll learn some facts among the theories thrown around on Ancient Aliens. On one episode we learn that Native American tribes are legally allowed to cultivate and sell marijuana.

In Conclusion

If you’ve got some free time and some weed you probably won’t regret sitting down stoned and watching Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens.

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