Europe is Blazin with Cannabis Progress

Marijuana regulation in the Czech Republic is taking shape thanks to efforts of cannabis advocates and other supporters of the marijuana industry. The Czech Patient Association for Cannabis Treatment also referred to as KOPAC, was responsible for the first ever organized educational seminar on cannabis for the general public, medical professionals as well as medical marijuana patients.

Focusing on sharing information, facts, and knowledge pertaining to the potential of medical marijuana to nurses, doctors, and patients was one of the main focal points of this educational seminar.

Prague the capital of the Czech Republic posted these lectures which covered every aspect from patients, government advisers all the way down to pharmacy representatives that are responsible for providing cannabis to the patients in the Czech Republic. Only less than 20 pharmacies throughout the entire Czech Republic are said to even offer medical marijuana. Educating individuals across the country about the benefits that patients may potentially receive from medical marijuana is essential to the health of the people.

Marijuana is starting to make its way around the world with countries considering reform laws and legalization. The health minister of Greece was asked to revise current laws. The health minister of Macedonia recently announced the good news that cannabis extracts can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription. Rick Simpson Oil has made its way to Serbia. Croatia is breaking ground by importing European and North American cannabis extracts! Even Hungary is catching the munchies when it comes to marijuana legalization hosting a cannabis conference in the capital of Budapest on June 1st.

It is absolutely incredible to see progression such as this occurring throughout Europe. This should be a heads up to the rest of the world that it is time to make changes as well and take steps to end the prohibition of cannabis once and for all.

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