Eight Great Cannabis Careers

If you’re a marijuana enthusiast who is looking for a new career path, there may be something for you in the cannabis industry. Since marijuana has begun to go legal at the state level across half the nation, new jobs are being created everyday. There are entry level positions and careers that make six figures a year. A quick visit to any marijuana job site and you’ll see listings for various positions. Of course the higher paying positions will require higher qualifications. Fore some positions you might even need a PHD.

We’ve compiled a list of eight popular cannabis careers and some details on each:

  1. Extract Artist
    Extract artists or technicians are one of the higher paying jobs in the cannabis industry. They require a specific set of skills. Dealing with solvents like butane, which is a flammable gas, can be dangerous. Some employers expect applying extract technicians to have a PHD in chemistry.
  2. Trimmer
    At a more entry level, just about anyone with a pair of fully functioning limbs can trim. Trimmers are responsible for snipping off the parts of the cannabis plant that aren’t desirable for smoking. These trimmings are then collected for recycling. Some trimmers get to keep their trimmings as a part of their pay.
  3. Budtender
    Budtending is another entry level position that pretty much stoner with retail experience will qualify for. Budtender responsibilities vary. You may be bagging up in the morning, serving customers during the day, and doing inventory at night. Budtenders are compensated a bit more than trimmers are. People with social skills and enthusiasm for weed should look into applying for this position.
  4. Edibles Chef
    Pretty much anyone with cooking skills can easily learn to make marijuana-infused snacks. If you’ve got prior experience as a chef or cook, you may be qualified enough to make marijuana edibles. Chef pay varies but it’s usually above what budtenders and trimmers get paid since it requires a bit more experience.
  5. Glass and Vaporizer Merchant
    Although the glass industry has existed for well over a decade, it couldn’t openly capitalize on cannabis consumers. Now medical marijuana patients are entering shops looking for smoking and vaping devices for their medicine. Opening up shop in an area with many dispensaries could yield in high profits.
  6. Grow Master
    One of the highest paying and most in-demand jobs in the industry has to be the Grow Master. Growers are the staple of the whole industry and extractors/chefs/budtenders/trimmers will all have nothing to do without the cannabis itself. Employers might be looking for growers who have a bachelor’s degree in botany, horticulture, or agriculture.
  7. Reviewer
    This has to be one of the most glorious jobs one could have. You could get paid to try out and review different strains of marijuana. Some people do this for a living, some writing skills and experience with marijuana will definitely help you land this position.
  8. Store Manager
    The least a Store Manager will be seeing yearly in this industry is $75,000 a year. At stores that are making millions of dollar this can mean big bonuses. Managers who prove themselves might end up overseeing several locations and raking in the big bucks. Responsibilities are similar to a manager at any retail location. Many dispensary store managers get health insurance and vacation pay as well.


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  • Great opportunity for me (living in the Netherlands) to make career in the #marihuana / #cannabis legal industry. Thinking about immigration from NL to USA because my income is €1.025 and my bills are house (€675) healthy (€125)+(€375or) energy (€80) Internet (€75) insurance (€20) & what food or drugs so now and then.
    If I choose to ‘trim’ and getting paid in cannabis, the more food I can buy, or save and taking social steps from beginner to experienced! Besides I can ‘reviewing’ and share it to getting more paid, but 1 step at the time, . . No words, but dutys!
    Where can I get more info to think about it again, again and again!? 🙂

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