Celebrities You Can Smoke Weed with Online

Times have changed, thanks to the internet we can now smoke with our favorite celebrities from home. There are video podcast shows where hosts invite celebrities to smoke and entertain questions from viewers smoking from the comfort of their own homes.
Comedian Doug Benson, known for Super High Me, hosts the video podcast show Getting Doug with High where he invites a celebrity guest on to smoke with him. The show usually starts around 4pm on the West coast so that guests have time to get comfortable before 4:20 hits and a buzzer sounds prompting Doug and his guest to begin the smoke sesh! The guests on Doug’s show are usually actors, comedians, and recently pornstar has been added to the list. There are a few segments that occur while the guests are smoking and talking, like pot history. Pot history is when guests reveal their first experience with marijuana. Towards the end of the show when guests are thoroughly baked, Gabe time begins which is a magic show by the shows on staff magician, Gabe. In the past the show has had legendary guests such as Jack Black, Cheech Martin and Tommy Chong. Check it out Tuesdays on Doug Benson’s youtube channel.
Snoop D O double G started hosting his own talk show where he talks to a wide variety of celebrity guests. Snoop has interviewed fellow rappers, musicians, comedians, athletes, and even other celebrity talk show hosts. Guests on Snoop’s show are less pressured to smoke but are more than welcome to, guests like Seth Rogan and the whole G Unit crew can be seen chiefing during their visits to the GGN network. Despite continuously releasing albums the past few years, Snoop has dropped several episodes a month on his westfesttv channel on YouTube.

BREALTV’s The Smokebox

B-Real, lead rapper of the hip hop group Cypress Hill, AKA as Dr. Greenthumb, interviews guests in a hotboxed vehicle. B-Real’s guests are mainly fellow rappers and some celebrity stoners. Unsurprisingly his most popular smokebox video to date is with rapper Wiz Khalifa. B Real has also interviewed Snoop Dogg, Schoolboy Q, and Tommy Chong. During the filming of his interview the guest and B-Real are locked in a car that has the windows completely rolled up and he even knocked on the sun roof to prove to skeptical viewers that it’s shut. If you’re trying to see your favorite rappers get stoned fast and attempt to answer questions The Smokebox is the show you’ve been looking for.


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