Best Scientific Glass Bong Brands

With the ever-increasing popularity of marijuana, there are more and more bong brands popping up every day. How is the inexperienced or even experienced user supposed to pick a piece based on the name alone? Even online research on most bong brands will yield minimal amounts of information. The best way to find out is to try different brands out yourself or hear what others have to say about them. Scientific glass with percolators are hottest in 2016. According to research and user feedback we’ve compiled a list of the best scientific bong brands on the market today.

5. Grav Labs

When it comes to affordability and functionality grav labs is where its at. The company uses borosilicate glass just like the most legendary glass blowers in the game. The company has been in the game since 2004 and their designs are only getting more innovative as time goes on. If you’re looking for smoother hits without breaking the bank you should look into grav labs extensive selection. There are options for dry herbs and concentrates. They have water pipes for under $100 and some others that are about $300 for users seeking high quality functional glass.

4. Mobius

The stereo matrix percolator bong by Mobius glass is one of the best pieces for filtering smoke. The two matrix percolators offer tons of diffusion without too much drag. You’ll be able to rip this thing til you’re out of breath from how smooth the smoke will be. Many other companies have been attempting to replicate this design but none seem to pull it off like Mobius does. Mobius has other percolator designs that offer significant diffusion with less drag. So there’s something for every kind of smoker.

3. Sovereignty

Sovereignty has a variety of glass but they are kings when it comes to dry herb tubes. Old school tubes were a bitch to clear but the peyote pillar water pipe by Sovereignty Glass is about a foot tall and quite easy to clear. Smoke travels through a dry chamber then down through a tube in the center of the 12 glass pillar percs. The smoke is then diffused through a “peyote ball” percolator before being shot up through the pillars with water bubbles. After this the smoke and bubbles dance together at the top chamber before sending you the smoothest, milkiest hit you’ve ever taken. SG has other designs for smokers who rather focus on smoother or faster hits. If you’d like a balance of the two the Peyote Pillar is a fan favorite.

2. Toro

Toro glass has gained a significant fan base over the years. Based out of upstate NY, Toro has some of the freshest looking and nicest functioning pieces on the market. They have large tubes for dry herb smokers and smaller rigs for concentrate users. All of their glass is scientific looking with a toro label printed on. Toro’s come in a huge variety of colors and designs. Users looking for a concentrate with minimal drag that’s easy to pull for a long time might want a single macro, which only has 2 holes for diffusion. Concentrates don’t need to be diffused because you’re pretty much just getting THC or CBD and no added carcinogens when doing dabs so a smaller piece with less diffusion will do just fine. However, some people still find dabs too hot on their throats so Toro has designs like the jet percolator which diffuses heavier than a single mac for less hot hits.

1. Mothership Glass

Mothership Glass is the only company on the market to laser etch their logo and percolators. The expensive laser used to create these designs makes water pipes by mothership glass impossible to replicate. If you want a mothership piece you’re going to have to have over $1000 to spend. The company only makes a limited number of pieces so that collectors don’t see a decrease in the value of their mothership pieces. Most Mothership pieces feature a one or more seed of life percs which are 18 hole diffusers that heavily cool smoke or concentrate vapors before they reach your throat and lungs. The straight faberge, exosphere, ball rig, and faberge egg designs by Mothership Glass all turn the entire piece into a percolator. Mothership has some of the most innovative and best-functioning glass on the market. They have truly set the standard for high-end scientific glass.

image: Grav Labs/ Facebook

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  • Literally the only site I’ve seen that actually knows high end glass brands and not some random glass brand trying to make it big .

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