Accidentally Overdosing on Marijuana

How others have dealt with accidentally overdosing on marijuana.

When people consume cannabis, it stimulates the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating the response to rewards, stress and emotions. THC affects the ECS by disrupting the ability to regulate the response to stress, which causes anxiety instead of relieving it in extreme cases. Weed is interesting because it can help people alleviate pain and cause relaxation, but at the same time it can cause paranoia and anxiety. However, there are thousands of cannabis strains that have different affects and cause feelings of well-being.

A 26-year-old graduate from University of North Carolina ate a pot brownie and had the worst experience of her life. She lost the sense of time and was shaky. She said it felt like she was trapped inside herself. Did this 26-year-old consume too much or eat the wrong type of pot brownie?

Chelsea consumed too much weed and caused her own anxiety.

Chelsea Wind, a 46-year-old is a normal cannabis consumer. One night she was suffering through an anxiety attack and her friends convinced her to consume more and more to help relax. Chelsea couldn’t calm down and eventually called 911.

Dr. Mohini Ranganathan, from Yale University is an assistant professor of psychiatry. Dr. Ranganathan specializes in cannabinoid research, and she says that people who consume low doses of weed are more likely to feel the effects of anti-anxiety effects. Chelsea consumed too much and in fact exacerbated her anxiety by taking too much cannabis. “As the dose increases, you become more and more likely to experience anxiety and panic,” Dr. Ranganathan says.

Is there such a thing as psychoactive safe weed?

Dr. Ranganathan also says that consuming a large quantity of weed causes people to feel the psychotic effects such as extreme anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. “When people talk about marijuana, they’re not distinguishing between the different components of cannabis,” she says. One of the main components of marijuana is THC. The more cannabis with THC is consumed, the higher the amount of anxiety a person feels. Sativas are a type of weed strain that are usually high in THC and end up creating higher feelings of anxiety. Indica’s are nicer on people because they help create the feeling of relaxation and minimize the feeling of anxiety and other negative psychoactive issues.

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