We all love to get together with our friends and pass around the cannabis, right? It promotes bonding, stimulates conversation, and it just makes everything better – food, music, movies, you name it.

But just like any other social activity, there’s etiquette to be observed; unspoken rules that must be followed so that everyone can enjoy the smoking session to the fullest. These are bound to vary from group to group and place to place, but I’ve put together what I think are the most universal cannabis “no-nos.”

Here is what NOT to do when getting high with your friends:

1. Stealing Lighters

If I had a nickel for every time my lighter went missing during a smoking session, I’d have shit load of nickels.

I get it. You’re stoned, zoned out, not paying attention, and there’s several different lighters being passed around… it’s easy to pocket someone else’s. (I’ve probably done it myself.) But it’s a definite buzz kill when you go to light up later on, and find that your trusty flame has disappeared.

So be aware, and make sure that lighter in your pocket is your own.

2. Torching The Bowl

When sharing a bowl with your friends, don’t hold your lighter over it until the whole thing is ablaze. It burns up the weed too fast, and the next person in line is gonna taste nothing but burnt herb. Just a touch of flame is all you need to get one edge burning. Save some green for the next guy – it’s common courtesy.

3. Never Throwing In

Let’s face it: nobody likes a mooch. We all know that guy who always wants to come over and smoke, even though he’s never got any weed of his own. Not cool. So whenever you get your hands on some good cannabis, remember your friends who smoked you up when you had none. Call ’em up, and return the favor.

4. Slobbering On The Joint

Don’t you hate it when you’re smoking with your friends, someone passes you the joint, and the end is all soaked in spit? It’s hard to hit because the tip keeps sealing closed. Not mention it’s just gross. Don’t drool on the joint. Just don’t.

This goes for pipes and other smoking accessories, too. No one wants someone else’s slobber on their glassware.

5. Holding The Joint Too Long

You know that guy who gets so caught up in the story that he’s telling that he forgets to pass the joint? And by the time he realizes it, the damn thing has gone out. So annoying!

But I have a confession to make: I am that guy. I’m sorry. I know it sucks, and I’m working on it. Really, I am. Don’t be like me. When it’s your turn, shut up and hit it. Pass it on, then you can finish your story. Okay?

6. Taking Too Many Hits

This is similar to holding the joint too long, only it’s less about being absent-minded and more about being a selfish, weed hogging jerk. You know the rule: “Puff, puff, pass.” Two puffs. Count ’em! Don’t try to sneak in a dozen hits every time it’s your turn. We see what you’re doing, and it’s not cool.

7. Smoking In Public

Just because cannabis is being decriminalized across the country, doesn’t mean you can get high whenever, wherever you want. Alcohol is legal, too. Getting drunk in the parking lot… not so much. Same goes with smoking and driving – don’t do it. Come on, we’re not in high school anymore. Smoke responsibly. Smoke at home.

8. DIY Pipes & Screens

And speaking of high school, remember making your own pipe out of a Pepsi can? Or a bong from a 2 liter bottle? Cutting a screen out of an old, rusty window screen? Yeah… it turns out that’s not such a good idea.

Aluminum, plastic, and other DIY materials can release toxic chemicals when exposed to high heat. So, you end up inhaling a lot more than just cannabis – and possibly doing real harm to your throat and lungs. So, unless you happen to be a professional glass blower, don’t make your own pipes. It’s just not worth it. Save up for a real piece. And in the meantime, go get some papers, and roll it up!

What did I miss? What are your weed smoking pet peeves? Tell us about it in the comments below!